How do I set up a ticketed event

As an organizer - how do I set up a ticketed event

As an organizer it is easy for you to be able to set up a ticketed event on our Neighbur system. See the process below:
  1. Register for an account on; follow the activation email instructions
  2. Sign-in and select SUBMIT EVENT from the main menu
  3. Proceed to create the event by completing the event details including the event image, venue information, date and times and other details which will be displayed on the web and mobile application to potential customers
  4. Proceed to Step 2 to complete your ticketing options
    1. Enter your overall ticket allocation quantities
    2. Enter your overall tax and charitable receipt requirements, if applicable
    3. You may create multiple ticket types which can independently include different price ranges, available quantities, order limits, date availability and more... 
  5. Proceed to Step 3 to preview your event, confirm ticket types and other details
  6. Submit your event
  7. Share your event on other social media platforms and share the Neighbur event page with your family and friends

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